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Protecting Indigenous Communities and Embracing the Teachings and Traditions of their Ancestors

The Indigenous Preservation Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

We will provide free of cost integrative treatment, therapy, and medicine.

We are committed to providing the resources and care to all Indigenous communities.

The Indigenous Preservation Project​

Our Vision​

To develop a symbiotic relationship between the Indigenous people and Western civilization by working closely with The Native American Church, Indigenous communities and government agencies.

Our Mission

To properly compensate Indigenous healers and communities for their ancient teachings, healings and wisdom.

Our Purpose

To uplift the Indigenous communities by preserving their culture, promoting and reviving their healing practices, and protecting their lands and voting rights. 

The Problem

Between 1776 and the present, the United States has seized nearly 1.5 billion acres from North America’s Native people.

Indigenous people make up approximately 6% of the global population, but they account for about 19% of the extreme poor.

The rates at which Indigenous communities are plagued by mental health and addiction challenges are extremely high. 

Under resourced services and a lack of Indigenous mental health professionals, combined with the legacy of genocide and cultural oppression, continue the disparities between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous mental health care.

Addiction Among Indigenous Peoples

Substance Use

10% of Indigenous Peoples Struggle with Substance Use Disorder

Illicit Drug Abuse

30% of Indigenous Peoples Reported Past-Year Illicit Drug Abuse


25% of Indigenous Peoples Reported Past-Month Binge Drinking

Our Offerings

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